Tom + Tricia | Concordia Language Villages Wedding in Bemidji, MN

I have no other way to introduce this wedding blog post than to frankly and simply say how much of an honor it is to be included in a small, intimate wedding. Tom and Tricia, two beautiful souls I met about 5 years ago, got married at Concorida Language Villages in Bemidji, Minnesota, with 17 people in attendance — including the bride, the groom, the officiant, and me!

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Cody + Jenna | Engagement Session at Minnesota State University Moorhead

If you know Cody & Jenna, you already know that these two are a wonderful pair.

And if you don’t know Cody & Jenna, you’ll really quickly learn that about them just by looking through these photos. You’ll also discover that this couple nails picking out matching outfits, struggles with not smiling, and happily make out on command.

That’s my kind of couple.

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Josh + Jessica | Sanctuary Events Center Wedding in Fargo, ND

Let’s kick off this Sanctuary Events Center Wedding by telling you my favorite think about Josh and Jessica: They are completely unafraid to just be themselves.

Trust me, you’ll see it in their pictures. And I LOVE it — as a wedding photographer, I can certainly put a couple in an intimate pose, but I certainly never want them to be something they’re not. I want my goofy couples to be goofy, my romantic couples to get cuddly, and my quiet couples to revel in the moment.

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My Love Story: Our Unexpected Pizzeria Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I like to think I'm in the business of telling love stories. Every love story is worth sharing. My clients', your parents', and yes, my own! This is part two of a three part series recounting my love story. Hit up the "How We Met" post for the first part, and The Proposal with the Nightmare Ending for part two.

My wedding was nothing like what couples dream of. My wedding wasn't even what I dreamt of. A series of unfortunate surprises led Tjay and I to our unconventional wedding.

Want the deets?

Venue: Rhombus Guys in Fargo
Dress: My mom's
Shoes: Onnit Olympic Lifters
Rings: Some shops on Etsy
Officiant: Our friend Steve
Photographer: Our friend Angela

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My Love Story: The Proposal with a Nightmare Ending

Every love story is worth sharing. My clients', your parents, and yes, my own! This is part two of a three part series recounting my love story. Hit up the "How We Met" post for the first part!

I feel at peace when I'm with him. It wasn't just that he made me smile or that he would text me a simple "just thinkin about you" on his breaks at work. I'd been in enough relationships to know that those gestures can be fleeting.

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My Love Story: How We Met

Every couple’s love story is unique. A favorite perk of being a wedding photographer is that I get to hear to many different love stories. Then, I get to be a special part of the continuation of that story. How cool, right?

I know I’m biased, but I adore my love story. I find myself reminiscing bits and pieces to my clients whenever I’m with them… and since every love story is worth sharing, I’ve decided to dump the whole thing right on my website. It's a great time for it, too, since our anniversary is less than a month away!

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Call It Quits? No Way.

Every once in a while I'm scrolling through some social media feed or blog, my jaw set tight. Glaring at the screen. Frustration bubbling up inside me while self doubt pulls my heart down.

Why am I trying? I'm not where I want to be. Everyone else seems to "get" it, but I'm still back here...

I know, objectively, that we all feel this way sometimes. That we're not good enough, that we should be better, that we should call it quits.

Wait. Call it quits? No way. No. Way.

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