Call It Quits? No Way.

Every once in a while I'm scrolling through some social media feed or blog, my jaw set tight. Glaring at the screen. Frustration bubbling up inside me while self doubt pulls my heart down.

Why am I trying? I'm not where I want to be. Everyone else seems to "get" it, but I'm still back here...

I know, objectively, that we all feel this way sometimes. That we're not good enough, that we should be better, that we should call it quits.

Wait. Call it quits? No way. No. Way.

Fargo, North Dakota Photographer | Chelsea Joy Photography

I made a promise to myself. When I registered Chelsea Joy Photography as a business with the state, launched a website, and otherwise invested in this venture, I had to make a decision - at what point should I decide whether this is for me or not? When should I look back, review what I've done, evaluate my goals and motivations, and decide whether photography is my future?

The answer: one year. It seems reasonable enough. After all, that's when all the yearly subscriptions I've invested in will be up for renewal, so I can evaluate before spending.

One year. 

(Admittedly, longer than that. I have many awesome couples whose weddings I plan to rock next fall! But the original promise was a year.)

Fargo Photographer | Chelsea Joy Photography

Too often, every single one of us is guilty of throwing in the towel too early. Whatever interested us gets hard, so we quit instead of pushing through.

Playing the comparison game is what gets to me. Seeing others' work online and admiring...then envying their talent. Wondering why I feel like I don't hold a candle to their masterpieces. Thinking how much easier it would be to call it quits.

Luckily, I've gotten pretty good at self-directed pep talks. I remind myself of my one year promise. Remember how far I've come...and I'm only six months in. Note that everyone's journey is different. And frankly, I'm ahead of the masses simply by not giving up.

I'd tell anyone else to do the same with any new endeavor. Don't call it quits. Don't give up just because it gets hard. Set a goal. One year. Six months. Whatever it is - hold yourself to it.

Ride the roller coaster, the highs of hope and the lows of self doubt and the slow incline of progress. After all of that, evaluate.

But please. Don't call it quits.

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