My Love Story: How We Met

Every couple’s love story is unique. A favorite perk of being a wedding photographer is that I get to hear to many different love stories. Then, I get to be a special part of the continuation of that story. How cool, right?

I know I’m biased, but I adore my love story. I find myself reminiscing bits and pieces to my clients whenever I’m with them… and since every love story is worth sharing, I’ve decided to dump the whole thing right on my website. It's a great time for it, too, since our anniversary is less than a month away!

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His nose was enormous.

That was my first thought when I saw him hunched over in the booth. I found myself hoping the cute guy next to him was the one I was really here to meet.

Earlier that week, my coworker-turned-friend had suddenly decided that her fiance’s friend was perfect for me. She didn’t tell me why. “You haven’t met him yet because he never really leaves his apartment. But we’ll get him to come out to the bar with us eventually.’

Apparently they had coaxed him out, along with his roommate, who was really pretty handsome. And despite my first impression (after which I quickly noticed his horrible posture and the way his dark hair hooded his eyes), I was curious what Rachael thought made us such a great match, so I smiled as I sat down across from him and we were introduced to each other. Tjay, meet Chelsea. Chelsea, meet Tjay.

And then Rachael’s fiance turned the conversation to video games and Tjay didn’t say another word to me the entire night.

So that went well.

But I liked this group, so I kept going out to the bar with them. And Tjay kept showing up, too. I don’t remember really having a conversation, but I started to notice some things. How bright his eyes were when he swept his hair away from them. How easy his laugh was, and that charming smile. You know, his nose was big, but it fit his face.

Fast forward. More bar outings. Obtaining his phone number by ungracefully vomiting on his shoes. Going out to Fargo’s Ribfest together. Sitting next to him when we were out with friends so we could secretly hold hands under the table. Planning an “unplanned” adventure...yeah, it was obvious.

Little moments wedged firmly into my heart, and I knew I was going to fall head over heels for Tjay. One night over plates of greasy breakfast food at a local diner, I animatedly told him about some of my favorite communications theories from my classes. The next day I got a text from him, telling me that just like the onion analogy in that theory I told him about, he wanted to peel back more of my "layers".

Another evening we sat in his car, and I anxiously told him that even though I wanted to be more than friends, I wasn't quite ready for a relationship. He calmly replied that he could wait: "You're worth it. I'll be here when you're ready."

I mean, enough moments like that popped up that I started to think I was in some crappy RomCom. Things like that don't really happen in life, do they? Fortunately (I think?) the cinematic moments fell apart when we finally started dating. We more or less became a couple, without some big moment or passionate conversation.

Of course, the excitement ramped up again when I decided to propose to Tjay. But that's a story for the next blog post (the Nightmare Proposal)!

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