The Magic of Quiet Moments

Winter came unexpectedly in Fargo, ND this year! One moment we were gawking at the drop dead gorgeous colors on the trees...the next moment a blustery wind swept over the plains and brought a dusting of snow. But before thinking ahead to the holidays, I'm looking back on my favorite quiet moments of fall.

Quiet Moments | Chelsea Joy Photography

Quiet moments are my favorite. Sharing coffee together as sunlight peeks through the windows. Walking by the river, hand in hand. Leaning our heads together, just to feel the awesome being of us.

To me, these are the moments that matter. These moments are the ones that confirm for me that this is love, that this person is my partner, that we care for each other. Quiet moments are where the magic happens.

Fargo, ND Couples Photos | Chelsea Joy Photography

Describing those moments is a challenge, because they can be different for everyone...but when you feel it, you know. Maybe it's when she reaches over and runs her fingers across your shoulders without thinking. Maybe it's how he looks away from the screen to watch you walk through the door when he hears you come home.

For us, it usually involves coffee or food or awkwardly long, intimate hugs.

Fargo Photographer | Chelsea Joy Photography
Fargo, North Dakota Couples Photos | Chelsea Joy Photography

We trekked out into the crisp dawn air to watch the sun rise at Orchard Glen Park, coffee in hand.

Fargo, ND Couples Photography | Chelsea joy Photography

We revisited Buffalo River State Park, even though the leaves were mostly gone, just to move and explore together.

North Dakota Photographer | Chelsea Joy Photography

Of course, we enjoyed many "slow mornings", where we spend hours lying in bed, cuddling with the cats and each other before lazily making coffee. Zero plans, no desire to leave. Just home, together, for a day.

Now, what were your favorite quiet moments this fall? I want to hear everything.